We are committed to a comprehensive certification and ISO9001 2000 quality standards for the procurement of materials and components is our IQC system inspection. Every step of the production process is monitored by the IPQC system to ensure that every detail of the process is handled. The main parts of the three coordinate measuring machine to check the size, including the cavity, iron core, electrode. Mold trial production, we will strictly follow the process specification and check each required size. After the approval of the test piece, the disassembly and inspection specifications of each mold PSI.

Guarantee system

Quality is a kind of norm, a kind of commitment, a kind of identity, a kind of culture;

Quality is the core of the design and production of customer satisfaction products;

The essence of quality is a process of full participation, self perfection, systematic, long-term and continuous development;

Test equipment

Quality Department of the company has all kinds of advanced testing equipment, including coordinate measuring instrument, projectors, gauge blocks, a variety of special inspection rules and general measuring instrument instrument. Each working procedure is strictly carried out by the operator in the field, and the quality of QC is specially designed for the key / key part, process or dimension. The mold quality engineer carries on the comprehensive tracking control to the mold process, to ensure that the factory mold conforms to the customer request.





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