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Design for Manufacturing

Hengtai Upon receipt of the inquiry from the customer since they provide customers with product design review services. And to provide engineering consulting services, services include: product selection of raw materials, product design (eg, product structure, function Conformance, mold production and injection molding feasibility analysis). This series of prior service designed to provide customers eliminate product development negative factors.

Precision molds and injection
molding technology

We offer multi-material, liquid silicone rubber, stack mold, thin / thick wall molding, precision high-performance multi-cavity mold and mold inserts, specifications are in line with international standards. Independent research and development of materials and how turntable control systems, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) cold runner systems for rapid tooling engineering used. In addition, we also provide world-class one-step injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) solutions.

Multi-material injection

Multi-material injection molding is a cost-efficient injection molding technology that enables two or three colors of the materials or plastic disposable injection molding, plastic injection cycle is short and no burr. Yong rich multi-material injection molding experience and superb technology, independent research and development and how material carousel system.

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) Injection

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection molding can be used in the production of details and there are strict tolerance requirements of complex silicone products. Not only has industry-leading LSR injection technology, more skilled and multi-cavity LSR dual materials LSR injection molding technology, can provide customers with high-quality silicone products and efficient injection molding production capacity, the current service areas covered by the medical and automotive industries. Liquid silicone molds are equipped with self-developed valve cold runner systems.

Injection stretch blow molding (ISBM) Injection

By working closely with the world's leading supplier of injection stretch blow injection, can provide customers with world-class one-step injection stretch blow injection molding solutions for the production of containers, such as infants and young children with bottles, medicine bottles, PP, PCTG, PET, PPSU, PES material cups and cosmetic containers. Such high-step automation technology can greatly reduce production costs, it is widely used in high-end aesthetic and practical container manufacturing.

Mold assembly

Mold assembly technology is an important part of the superb multi-material injection molding techniques. This technology is characterized by means of assisting the robot to achieve in-mold assembly, reducing the risk of manual, semi-continuous high-quality complete assembly of components or finished products. Widely used in medical, personal care and packaging products.

High-performance molds

We can provide a variety of high-performance precision molds, including thin / thick-walled molding, multi-cavity mold off the screw, stack molds. Packaging and automotive industries have a great demand for such precision molds.

Mold inserts

Particular expertise in insert molding technique, the metal parts embedded in the thermoplastic material injection molding. Mainly for the production of automotive components and industrial products.


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